A Level Physics


Kit Betts-Masters

A Level Physics

Congratulations on picking the greatest A Level of all!  A Level Physics!


A Level Physics is a real challenge, but it's also a hugely fascinating study.  I really hope you enjoy learning Physics.


Use the navigation menu to the left to find the section introductions, I'll be making more detailed sub-sections in the coming months and loads more videos to help you understand your Physics, so you enjoy it more, so you gain in confidence, so you do better in those exams!


For now, do check out the videos and have a go at some of the exam questions in the playlists below.

Index of A Level Physics Videos


Mechanics | A Level

- Resultant Forces Exam Question

- Projectile Motion Exam Question

- Moments and Newton's Laws Exam Question

- Vector Triangles Exam Question

- SI Base Units Exam Question

- Motion Graphs Exam Question

- Range of a Ski Jump Projectile Algebra

- Free Fall Exam Question

- Acceleration and Newton's Laws Exam Question

- Acceleration due to Free Fall Exam Question

- Hooke's Law and Elastic Strain Energy

- Moments and Centre of Mass

- Ten Mechnics and Materials Multiple Choice Questions

- Newton's Laws of Motion

- Vectors in 2D (coplanar vectors)

- Projectiles

- Equations of Linear Motion

- SI Quantities, Units, Prefixes and Vectors


DC Electricity | A Level

- Resistivity Exam Question

- Potential Dividers Exam Question

- DC Circuits Exam Question

- RMS Voltage Exam Question

- Resistivity Exam Question

- LDRs Mosfets and Potential Dividers - Sensing Circuits

- Max Power Theorem, with Calculus

- Voltage vs Current Graphs

- Power Equations, Deriving Equations

- Kirchhoff's Laws


Materials | A Level

- Viscous Drag Exam Question

- Stress Strain Graphs Exam Question

- Young Modulus of Bone Exam Question

- Young Modulus

- Stoke's Force and Terminal Velocity

- Solid Material Properties Exam Question

- Temperature and Viscosity Exam Question


Waves | A Level

- Polarisation Exam Question

- Optics Exam Question

- Standing Waves Exam Question

- Magnifying Glass Exam Question

- Refraction Exam Question

- Optics Exam Question

- Reflection, Refraction and Diffraction in the Ripple Tank

- Total Internal Reflection

- Snell's Law of Refraction

- Using an Oscilloscope to Measure Frequency and Amplitude

- Interference Patterns


Quantum | A Level

- Quantum Exam Question

- Photoelectric Effect - Experiment to Measure Planck's Constant

- Is light a wave or a particle?  The Photoelectric Effect


Further Mechanics | A Level

- Conservation of Energy Exam Question

- Carving - Centripetal Forces and Circular Motion in Skiing


Simple Harmonic Motion (SHM) | A Level

- SHM Exam Question

- Damping and SHM Exam Question

- SHM Exam Question

- Standing Waves in Pipes - Kundt's Tube

- Standing Waves on Guitar Strings

- Chladni Plates - Standing Waves in 2D

- Barton's Pendulums - Resonance and Forced Oscillations

- Earthquake Simulator


Particle Physics | A Level

- How does the electron gun work?  Thermionic Emission and Particle Acceleration

- CERN, Particle Accelerators, Detectors and the Internet

- Particle Physics Exam Question

- Particle Physics Exam Question

- CERN - A Story of Discovery

- Feynmann Diagrams and Fundamental Interactions

- Conservation Laws in Particle Physics

- Useful Equations in Particle Physics

- Principles of Detection

- Particle Accelerators

- Fundamental Forces

- Hadrons

- The Standard Model


Electromagnetism | A Level

- Faraday and Lenz Law Exam Question

- Capacitors Exam Question

- Eddy Current Braking

- Transformers and EMF Exam Question

- Electric Fields Exam Question

- Capacitor Discharge and Exponential Decay

- Force on a Current Carrying Wire in Earth's Magnetic Field


Nuclear | A Level

- Nuclear Physics - Mas-Energy Equivalence Exam Question

- Rutherford Scattering Exam Question


Gravitational Fields | A Level

- Work Done in Orbit

- Inverse Square Law Exam Question


Thermal Physics | A Level

- Thermal Physics Exam Question

- Gas Laws Exam Question

- The Laws of Thermodynamics

- Deriving the Ideal Gas Law

- Applying the Ideal Gas Law


Astrophysics | A Level

- The Universe Exam Question

- Herzsprung Russell Diagrams Exam Question

- Standard Candle Exam Question

- Stellar Evolution - the Life Cycle of Stars


Core Practicals | A Level

- Designing an Experiment Exam Question

- Evaluating and Refining Practicals Exam Question

- Graph Skills Exam Question

- Improving Experiments Exam Question

- EMF and Internal Resistance Exam Question

- Estimating and Uncertainties Exam Question

- Anomalies and Advantages Exam Question

- Capacitor Discharge Practical

- Measuring Absolute Zero in the Lab - Charles's Law Practical

- Specific Latent Heat of Water Practical

- Speed of Sound Practical

- Standing Wave Practical

- Measuring Gravitational Acceleration by Free Fall Practical

- Errors, Percentage Uncertainties and Compound Errors

- Measuring Internal Resistance Practical

- Resistivity of a Wire Practical


General and Exam Skills | A Level

- Synoptic Fields Exam Question

- Power Laws and Logs Exam Question

- Fields, SHM and Circular Motion Exam Question

- Important News for New A Levels, General and Practical Exams

- Smart Phone Physics - "Pocket Physics" Revision App

- Smart Phone Physics - Khan Academy Revision App

- Smart Phone Physics - "Learn Physics" Revision App

- How to get an A in A Level Physics

- How to get a C in A Level Physics

- Smart Phone Physics - Phyphox Data Logging and Experiments

- Video Analysis - "Tracker" and Projectile Motion

- Smart Phone Physics - Data Logging

- Smart Phone Physics - Video Analysis

- Answering Physics Questions

- Command Words

- Revising

- Know your Syllabus

- Mr Elmore's Top Exam Tips